Ikonic makes every effort to offer the leather that is the most appropriate for each of the marketed saddles. This first quality leather requires some care. Therefore, Ikonic has developed its own leather care products. Below some advice... 


Why is it important to maintain leather?

The maintenance of your leather is extremely important, both from an esthetical point of view and from a safety point of view.

Regularly maintained leather is suppler and thus more durable, while material that is neglected is more likely to tear, while you are working with your horse.

Cleaning leather guarantees a longer durability because all kinds of impurities are removed that would otherwise stick to the leather and damage it. It is also important for the comfort of your horse: stiff and breakable leather may cause injuries.

The maintenance of the leather depends from the age of the leather:


New leather

To make the leather supple and to ensure more comfort for your horse and yourself, we advise you to apply IKONIC oil on the new leather and leave to penetrate.



  1. Clean (after each use)

First remove with a wet sponge most of the dirt (sand, mud, salt sea water…) and then apply evenly the IKONIC spray soap. Leave to penetrate for a few minutes and buff with a soft cloth. Repeat this operation when necessary.

You can also use the IKONIC gel that will both clean and moisturise the leather.


  1. Nourish the leather (approx. once a month after cleansing)

Use a soft cloth to apply IKONIC grease onto the leather. A regular use will make that your leather will be protected and regenerated to keep it beautiful and supple.

The IKONIC cream allows you to moisturise without soaking it. May be used more frequently than the grease (once or twice a week).


  1. Protect

It is important to protect the leather against humidity, dust and scratches. Therefore, it is recommended to pull the IKONIC cover over your saddle after each use.

In bad weather, you can even ride with the waterproof IKONIC cover. Thus, you can use your saddle even when it rains or protect it against salted sea water.

During transport, you can use the IKONIC transport bag to protect the saddle and allows you to transport it more easily.


4.  Full maintenance (2-3 times/year)

During this maintenance, the material is disassembled and clean with the IKONIC spray soap. Subsequently apply IKONIC oil.

It is recommended to perform this operation before and after the winter, or before and after the season.

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