IKONIC Blue Steel Continental Gag Bit with Rollers

IKONIC Blue Steel Continental Gag Bit with Rollers

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The bits of the "Blue Steel" collection are made from non-toxic natural blue steel.
When rusting, this steel gets a very nice taste for the horse, stimulating him to chew en to salivate, and thus to release his jaw.

The IKONIC Blue Steel Pessoa bits differs from a classical Pessoa bit through the integrated small ring in the main ring, which allows a softer action.
It is a polyvalent bit thanks to the various options to position the reins.
Indeed, with its 3 rings it offers 4 different mounting possibilities:

1. On the main ring, the bit will have a light lever effect putting pressure on the neck of the horse (lowering action).
2. On the lower ring, the bit will have a lifting action.
3. With bit roudings, the lifting action will be diminished.
4. With 2 pairs of reins the rider will be able to vary and dose the action of the bit.

It is also possible to add a strap or a curb chain on the upper ring for a more direct action.

The central copper rollers also helps the horse to relax in addition with the action of the Blue Steel».

If you don't use the bit for some time, an uneven layer of rust can be formed. Wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the excess of rust before using it again.

The IKONIC Blue Steel bits favour the decontraction of the horse. When becoming rusty, they give off a taste enjoyed by the horse and stimulate the salivation.