IKONIC Dressage Saddle ELITE with interchangeable blocks

IKONIC Dressage Saddle ELITE with interchangeable blocks

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The Ikonic dressage saddle ELITE 1611 has a deep seat, which offers more comfort and also improves the position of the rider towards the center of gravity.

The new saddle tree of the 1611 saddle is also made from injected composite, like all the saddles of the Ikonic range. It offers an even larger opening at the withers, for the comfort of the horse, as well as a smaller seat for the comfort of the rider.
The extremities of the saddle tree are shorter and finer, allowing a greater freedom of movement at the horse's shoulders.

Two types of leather are combined on this saddle: a very supple calf leather, on the seat and the flaps, and a fat leather, offering a very good grip, on the panels.

Like all the Ikonic saddles, the large panels allow to distribute the pressure of the saddle and the weight of the rider. Made from latex, shape memory foam and wool, they are refillable for a perfect adjustment of the balance of the saddle.
Furthermore, the system of interchangeable gullets allows an adjustment of the withers' opening to all the morphologies of the horse.

The Elite dressage saddle is fitted with a system of interchangeable knee pads. A set of 6 knee pads of different sizes enables you to adjust the flaps to your morphology, your style of riding and your discipline. The fastening system is double: a first fastening with Velcro reinforced with our button system ''Quick Fit'' ensuring a safe, easy and fast positioning.

NB: The saddle tree compatible with this saddle differs from the one for the other dressage saddles.

The reference of the gullet plates for this Elite saddle is --> 9010.

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