IKONIC Blue Steel Special Ring Snaffle

IKONIC Blue Steel Special Ring Snaffle

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The IKONIC bits from the ""Blue Steel"" collection are made of natural, non-toxic blue steel. When rusting, this steel will have an enjoyable taste for the horse, encouraging him to masticate and salivate, and thus to release tension in his jaws.

This multipurpose bit offers the following advantages:
- The turning rings allow an angle always adapted to the horse's mouth.
- The double joint allows the bit to adapt easily to the horse's mouth, and avoids all pressure against the palate.
- The central copper rollers also have a decontracting effect on the horse's mouth.
- The bit can be used in several ways thanks to the internal loops. According to the adjustments, the bit can have a gag effect, leverage effect, or the effect of a Baucher.

If you stop using the bit for a long while, a rust layer may form. Clean it with a dry clean cloth to remove it before use.

Available sizes: