IKONIC Narrow Anatomic Headpiece + Throatlash

IKONIC Narrow Anatomic Headpiece + Throatlash

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Small and anatomic headpiece compatible with the Ikonic bridles 6001 and 6005.
The headpiece lets the ears free and distributes the pressure on the top of the head. A calf letaher padding offers more comfort to the horse.

In order to reduce the weidth and to suppress the upper part of the headpied, which creates badly ditributed pressure and thickness, the noseband straps are integrated underneath the cheekpieces and the troath flash.

Like all our bridlework, the headpiece is made of first quality vegetal leathers.

Available finish and sizes
Sizes: Pony - Cob - Full
Colours: Hazelnut (light brown) - Havana (maroon) - Black