Saddles - Light Line

The Ikonic hybrid saddles are made of leather but also include some synthetic parts, it is the judicious combination of these two materials that allows us to offer you a saddle of such quality at a price as advantageous.

The LIGHT saddle range is made up of “Hybrid” saddles.

The objective of the “Light” range is to offer you technically sophisticated saddles at an extremely advantageous price (Light).

To reach this price target, we have conceived the manufacture of this range by judiciously integrating synthetic parts at strategic locations, and we have therefore named the blend, the combination of these two types of materials "Hybrid".

Saddles - Light Line

IKONIC "Hybrid" Jumping saddle - half deep seat

Reference HYBJ01-

Your price €1,500.00

IKONIC Dressage saddle "Hybrid" Calflined...

Reference HYBD02-

Your price €1,700.00

IKONIC Dressage saddle "Hybrid" Mono...

Reference HYBD01-

Your price €1,800.00

IKONIC "Hybrid" General purpose saddle

Reference HYBA02-

Your price €1,500.00

IKONIC "Hybrid" All Purpose Saddle CLASSIC

Reference HYBA01-

Your price €1,500.00

IKONIC "Hybrid" Pony jumping saddle

Reference HYBP01-

Your price €1,200.00

IKONIC "Hybrid" Pony Dressage saddle - Lined -...

Reference HYBP04-

Your price €1,400.00