Ikonic "Light" All Purpose Classic Saddle

Ikonic "Light" All Purpose Classic Saddle



Recommended retail price

$3 000.00

This IKONIC general purpose saddle (EX : HYBA01-) with half-deep seat offers a very good value for money, is comfortable and solid.

The knee blocks are larger than with jumping saddles.

The flaps are standard straighter than with CSO saddles.

Large panels to distribute the pressure from the saddle and integrated into the under flap to remove thicknesses between the pommel and the horse.

An additional cut in the under flap helps to improve the side contact with the horse.

A wide 3 points-fastening of the girth allows a distributed traction to keep your saddle flat on the horse's back.

A wide pommel opening at the withers avoids "pinching".

This saddle is still faithful to the habitual specificities of the brand!

Furthermore you can customize the rear piping which will always match with the stirrup keeper.

NB : The reference of the gullet plates for this saddle is --> 9000.

Maintenance advice:

As we use natural leathers, they must be treated regularly with appropriate maintenance products with a cleansing and moisturizing effect in order to preserve their beauty and suppleness.

Attention ! The hybrid saddle is partially made of synthetic materials. It is therefore normal that some parts do not absorb products. It is thus not useful to try to oil the synthetic parts.

Before the first use, the leather parts of your new hybrid Ikonic saddle should be entirely treated at least once completely with the Ikonic leather oil. This nourishes the leather and creates a protective natural barrier which will improve the patina of the leathers and avoid any excessive wear.

The hybrid saddle can be maintained as the models with lined flaps, so we recommend not to oil excessively; for a regular maintenance it is preferable to use cleaning cream or our glycerin soap, as an excessive nourishing with oil of supple leathers makes that the fiber « swells » and the supple leather loses his patina and resistance to wear.

The synthetic parts of the hybrid saddle can be easily cleaned, using the same sponge as the one used to apply the glycerin soap.

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