Elite Line

A line of saddles combining tradition and innovation to enhance your equestrian experience.

Backed by years of research, this exceptional range will enable you to increase your performance while respecting your horse's comfort. 

The « ELITE » range is a line of saddles made from high-end leathers, realised on composite trees providing advanced technique, flexibility and adaptability. 

The models of this range have proven their worth with riders competing at the highest level. 

We combine the qualities of the tradition of the saddlery and modern production techniques to offer you a technically sophisticated quality product for a fair price. 

This line remains faithful to the specific properties of our brand with the interchangeable arches, the panels refillable with wool, as well as the individual personalisation of some elements. 

Reference JEL02

Ikonic "Elite" Jumping Lined Saddle

Recommended retail price $6 500.00

Reference JEL01

IKONIC ELITE Jumping Saddle

Recommended retail price $6 000.00

Reference JEL03

IKONIC "Elite" Jumping Plain Saddle

Recommended retail price $5 900.00

Reference JEL04

Ikonic "Elite" All in Comfort Jumping Saddle

Recommended retail price $6 100.00

Reference JEL05

Ikonic "Elite" All in Balance Jumping Saddle

Recommended retail price $5 700.00