IKONIC Dressage saddle PRO Calflined Single Flap

IKONIC Dressage saddle PRO Calflined Single Flap

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The Ikonic dressage saddle PRO 1606 with single flap and deep seat offers optimal comfort and facilitates a good position of the rider in bringing him toward the center of gravity.

The calflined flaps lining provide an excellent grip. The concept of single flap ensures a close contact with the horse and a precise action of the helps.

Like all the Ikonic saddles, the large panels allow to distribute the presssure of the saddle and the weight of the rider. Made from latex, shape memory foam and wool, they are refillable for a perfect adjustment of the balance of the saddle.

A wide pommel opening at the withers avoids any "pinching" and allows a great freedom of movement of the horse's shoulders. Furthermore, the interchangeable gullet system allow to adapt the withers' opening to the morphology of all horses.

The saddle is fitted wirh a 'V" strapping to ensure and evenly distributed traction. A metal D-ring, on the front, makes it possible to add a billet strap.

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