IKONIC Dressage saddle PRO Calflined Single Flap

IKONIC Dressage saddle PRO Calflined Single Flap

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Our Pro Dressage Saddle IKO1503 with preshaped knee padds - mono flap  and deep seat offers optimal contact, comfort and facilitates a good position and balance for the rider in bringing to the center of gravity.

The Lined Flaps provides excellent grip and comfort, the mono flaps ensure a good contact with the horse.

Large panels to distribute pressure from the saddle and the rider's weight, they are reflockable with wool, besides an interchangeable gullet system will help to fit perfectly balance of your saddle.

A "V" strapping for distributed traction all along the saddle.

A wide opening pommel at the wither to avoid "pinching" and also to allow the free movement of the horse's shoulder.