IKONIC Jumping saddle PRO "Calflined" half deep seat

IKONIC Jumping saddle PRO "Calflined" half deep seat

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The article is at the end of the series and sold at an advantageous price because we have developed a new version or have decided to stop following this article in stock.

Our Jumping Saddle PRO 1004 "Calflined" with Half-deep seat offer optimal contact, comfort and facilitates a good position and balance for the Rider in bringing to the center of gravity.

The Lined Flaps with soft leather provides excellent grip and comfort, we have placed a reinforcement at the bottom, because the soft leather is less resistant to friction than the traditional flaps leather.

Large panels to distribute pressure from the saddle and integrated into the under flap to remove thicknesses between the saddle fitting and the horse.  An additional cut in the under flap also to favor the lateral contact with the horse.

A 3 points wide strapping for a distributed traction to keep your saddle flat on the horse's back.  A wide opening pommel at the wither to avoid "pinching" and also to allow the free movement of the horse's shoulder.